Our Story

Like many dancers, we have experienced countless struggles on our dance journey. And we have learned and grown a lot due to these experiences. However, we believe that there must be a better way. Dancers should have more tools at their disposal to make training a simpler process. It was this belief that led us to create Perfect Partner.​​​​

We were searching for a way to recreate the feeling of moving through water and stumbled across the configuration of resistance bands that eventually became the Perfect Partner X-Vest. The X-Vest creates resistance to your movement that makes you more aware of the movements you are making. Conscious awareness of what our body is doing while we are dancing is key to progress.

The Perfect Partner X-Vest is a versatile training tool that can be used in a variety of configurations for different dance styles providing numerous benefits for dancers of all levels. We encourage anyone training with the X-Vest to check out our training videos for helpful tips on how to get started with your X-Vest.

Thank you for your interest in Perfect Partner. We hope you find the X-Vest as useful as we do. And never hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We appreciate any feedback you may have and are always happy to help out anyway we can!
Thank you!

Jonathan and Rachel

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