Hip Rotation

Why do dancers work so hard on their hips?!?

A dancer is always required to keep their hips active. Understanding how to keep your hips moving constantly can be difficult, especially when combining with other actions in the body. While dancing, you are required to rotate your hips. Understanding how your hips work in conjunction with the rest of your body is the long-term goal. In order to understand the hip’s connection to the rest of the body, you must understand how your hips work independently. You will also have to constantly condition the muscles surrounding your hips to improve flexibility and strength. This will allow you to understand the range of movement you have in your hips, which will make connecting your hips with other actions much easier and mathematical. Specifically, Hip Rotation is commonly combined with Hip Swing (unintentionally). It is important to create drills that isolate these movements from one another!

Enjoy the illustration below and click here to view a video demonstrating Hip Rotation and click here for videos that will strengthen your Hip action.

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