Why do dancers work so hard on their feet?!?

 A dancer is always required to keep their feet active. Understanding how to keep your feet moving consistently can be difficult when combining with other actions in the body. In dancing, you are often required to roll fully to the balls of your feet as you transfer your weight. Understanding how your ankle works in conjunction with the rest of your body is the long-term goal. In order to understand the ankle’s connection to the rest of the body, you must understand how your ankle works independently. You will also have to constantly condition the muscles in your feet to improve the amount of flexibility and strength in your ankle. This will allow you to understand the range of movement your ankles have, which will make connecting your ankles with other actions much easier and mathematical.

 “Using clear measurements with equations including so many variables is pertinent and must be done to achieve the highest results possible.”

-Jonathan Green


Enjoy the illustration below and click here to view exercises that will strengthen your ankles.


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