Perfect Partner Challenge Song Release

 We are feeling Good As Hell getting ready for the Perfect Partner Challenge!

Start crankin’ “Good As Hell” by Lizzo, because it’s your Perfect Partner Challenge song!

 Ilya Reyzin has created a medley routine with a little bit of Cha Cha and a little bit of Foxtrot combined to make a fun and challenging practice routine! Ilya will break down two 8-counts each video sharing the videos every Monday and Wednesday. After he has coached you through the choreography, Ilya will make appearances periodically to check on your progress.

 The Perfect Partner team will provide you with exercises to help you progress and push you through the challenge. Every Tuesday and Thursday after Ilya’s coaching video, the Perfect Partner Team will release a practice video to go along with the coaching.

 Check out “Good As Hell’ by Lizzo by clicking this link Remember to create your account at our Perfect Partner website, you can do so by clicking this link, You can create an account in less than 5 minutes and will be able to receive all Perfect Partner Challenge videos through your account. We recommend you set up your account before Sunday March 1st. We will be releasing the routine to music that day and you will get to hear a few words from your coach, Ilya Reyzin.

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