Perfect Partner Challenge!!!

Join us in our 30-Day Perfect Partner Challenge

Sunday, March 1st at 1:00 PM, the Perfect Partner Challenge will BEGIN!

We will release the routine performed by Ilya Reyzin at 1:00 PM. The song the routine is choregraphed to, will be released Friday, February 28th at 12:00 PM. Be sure to sign up for our e-mail list below or follow our FB page for the details! We will also be posting more information here on our news page.

This routine will be a solo practice routine, great for all ages and levels. We wanted to make sure that it was something that all users could partake in, so we decided to design the routine to focus on skills for multiple styles of dance.

Each day you will receive videos to help you progress through your routine. Ilya will continue to coach you throughout your journey and the Perfect Partner team will be there to back you up as well! You will receive exercises and drills to help you condition the dancer inside of you along with consistent guidance from one of the best coaches in the world!

Here at Perfect Partner we are always striving to find the most efficient and ground breaking ways to push dancers to the next level. Get ready and gear up for what is sure to be an awesome ride on our way to becoming perfect partners… The Perfect Partner Challenge!!!

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Mary L Fischietto

Would love to participate in Perfect Partner Challenge!

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