Online Seminar - SoundBody

We are excited to announce another exciting training opportunity!

On June 16th at 8:30 p.m., Perfect Partner will host dance coach Adam Maynard in an online seminar introducing his new training method, SoundBody. Here is a message from Adam inviting you to join us on this journey.

“New chapters of life, be they planned or unplanned, temporary or permanent, can be opportunities for transformation and renewal. When navigated well, they can be opportunities for self-discovery and a deeper sense of connectedness. For me, the disciplines of movement and music, especially during these times, have provided me with many profound life lessons and experiences.


“For many years, I struggled with limiting self-doubt and “overthinking” in lessons and especially in performance. I worked hard in my studies but failed to produce the kind of art I knew was possible. Then came the study of presence, visualization, and mindfulness, which ultimately saved my career. These tools have helped me to live a fuller and more satisfying life both in my work and at home. The liberating self-expression through performing arts is glorious, and I truly believe it is possible for every human being.


“It is in this spirit that I introduce SoundBody to you. My mission is to combine the work of presence and mindfulness with a solid technical foundation in movement and music. When my students find a deeper level of confidence and connection to themselves and others, I feel my work is being accomplished. Music students can expect a groove-oriented experience as they master their instruments. Movement students will experience the rhythm of music in their bodies while building the trust and confidence to connect their movement to another person.


“I am excited to be on this journey with you. Together, let’s work to unlock the potential that is already inside of you, waiting to be expressed.”

-Adam Maynard

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